Trends In Experiential Marketing Strategies

Trends In Experiential Marketing Strategies

A Step-By-Step Guide On Trends In Experiential Marketing Strategies For 2022 By E-Tech Marketing.

Trends In Experiential Marketing Strategies

Below are the top trends in experiential marketing strategies:

Hybrid Experiences

After the end of the global lockdowns, people had a strong desire to gather with others. As the world gradually returns to normal, experiential marketing trends will blend virtual and in-person experiences.

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Marketing In Virtual Experiences

Companies have started to create branded virtual experiences, such as concerts, videos, and more, to engage customers in a unique, creative way. Recently, Miller did this when they launched a giveaway inside a virtual pub in the online game Decentraland. If you’re unfamiliar, Decentraland is a metaverse game that feels similar to Roblox, in which users create avatars and explore the open virtual world with friends.

Branded Artwork Installations

Another exciting way to engage an audience is by using art installations. Artwork can stimulate thought and conversation around a particular brand or topic, and creating prominent structures can be an effective way to get consumer attention. They can also serve as an excellent organic social media marketing strategy if done well.

Brand Values Are Increasing In Importance

During the pandemic, consumers began to consider the values of the brands they support more carefully. As a result, companies with a mission or charity donation program have started to capture more significant segments of market shares in recent years.

Digital Interactive Touch Points

Interactive experiences have begun rising in popularity over the last several years. From live streams on Youtube to Twitch, brands have found unique ways to take advantage of this new touch point.

Pop Up Shops

Companies have begun leveraging pop-up shops to reduce overhead costs associated with renting and operating a full-time retail storefront. Some streetwear brands like Supreme have successfully opened temporary pop-up shops in established retail locations, typically in large cities.

Hosting Live Events

Companies have begun to understand the value of branding a unique live event, just like Red Bull did with its ‘Stratos’ jump. This remarkable event was live-streamed to a massive audience and involved a person skydiving from near orbit, or 24 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality experiences have begun to emerge in various applications. This technology has exciting applications in experiential marketing, from Snapchat filters to companies using virtual reality to train their employees.


With the recent boom in the NFT market, companies have begun to utilize NFTs in their experiential marketing campaign. One such example is Budweiser’s recent announcement that they have become the official beer of Zed Run, an NFT-based virtual horse racing game.


Challenges have become an excellent way to engage customers and simultaneously create authentic social media content. Creative challenges spread quickly among social media users, like the infamous ice bucket challenge, and prompt other people to participate in the challenge.

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