How to Write an SEO-Optimised Blog Post?

How to Write an SEO-Optimised Blog Post?

Do you want to improve your SEO-Optimised Blog Post and better search rankings? Follow our expert tips to SEO- optimised blog posts like a pro. 

An SEO-optimised blog post with incredible quality content has more chance of ranking higher. While a well-optimized blog post with good content has a very low chance of ranking. Thus, to improve your rankings, you need to work on your content writing skills. 

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Tips to write an SEO-Optimised blog post

Below are proficient tips for you to write an SEO-optimised blog:

Think before you write 

Before you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, allow yourself to ponder what to write in your blog post. This will also save you time later in future.

Try to read SEO optimized and digital marketing related blog posts daily. At the point when you find an attractive title or theme. Duplicate the URL and title and save it to your notes.

Structure of the SEO-Optimised blog post

Follow a proper structure for writing the blog. Each post should have:

  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion 

Settle on the title of your blog post

Choosing an attractive and interesting title is a fundamental stage for SEO   optimised blog posts.  An attractive and a  good title should have the following characteristics:

  • Character limit of 55-and 60 characters. So,  it is displayed without breaks in the SERPS.
  • Contain your targeted keyword (however without keyword stuffing).
  • An exact description of the content.
  • Captivating to the point of making clients click while being shown on the web index results pages.

Use headings, accurately

The headings inside your blog post will structure the entire page, so use them accurately. They are significant for readability and SEO  purposes. They assist with finding out about handling the primary subjects of the blog post and can help in your ranking.

Subheadings permit individuals to observe their direction through your blog post, by explaining the construction of your blog post. Btry to use keywords in the subheadings. But not in every subheading, as it will make the text unnatural. 

Keep your paragraphs short

Everybody used paragraphs yet not everybody uses them well. Avoid writing each new sentence on another line. Don’t write long paragraphs on a page and hit the publish button.

Most of your readers are on cell phones, hence making it simple for them to read the content. Try to write small paragraphs of (2-3 sentences). And use different formatting styles such as; bold and italic to make the text more interesting. 

Add links

Adding internal links is the most important step while writing a blog post.  

Use keywords, without keyword stuffing

Try to use targeted keywords in your blog for avoiding any type of trouble. But don’t use keyword stuffing. It will make your text more natural. Read below, if you don’t know where to add the keywords: 

  • Title of the post
  • Main headings of the post
  • Within the blog content 
  • Conclusion of the post

Optimize the length of your blog post

Make sure that your blog post has at least 300 words. Studies have shown that lengthy blog posts perform better in search. But, it doesn’t imply that shorter blog posts won’t rank well. 

If your article is excessively lengthy and difficult to read, it could drive clients off. Simple, focus on the quality rather than the quantity. To write a lengthy blog post –  try to cover both sides of a story with related pictures, references and useful information. 

Optimize your meta description

Write an interesting meta description of under 200 characters.  It is very important to optimize the meta description, as Google shows the meta description in the results. The description should be interesting and informative. That will encourage the viewers to click your link and visit the blog.

Let others proofread the blog post 

Before you distribute your blog post, it is very important to let another person proofread it. Find out if they understand the blog post or not. Also, ask them to find grammatical errors and mistakes. 

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