Where To Invest A Small Amount Of Money

Where To Invest A Small Amount Of Money
Investment names Minimum required amount in rupees Profit return on investment Risk factors on investment period of profit return
Personal business As low as 10 High None Variable
Crowdfunding Only 1000 Less None 4 to 5 years
Bank deposit As low as 5000 Variable none Variable
Currency operations As low as1000 Average  Medium Variable 
Stock market As low as1000 High Medium  Variable
Real estate investment As low as 50000 High none Variable
Collection of valuable Arts As low as1000 Variable none Variable
Travel Investment As low as 100 Low  Medium  Variable
Networking Investments As low as1000 Variable none Variable
ETFs As low as1000 Average  none Variable
Mutual Funds As low as1000 Variable Medium  Variable
Peer-to-Peer Lending As low as 2000 High none Variable

Investment Ideas

Looking to earn money online in the UK without investment or a small amount of money? Read below some of the top investment ideas with a low budget: 

Personal business

Your business is a great investment opportunity if you have a high-quality idea. Starting your own company or business, even on a small scale, is one of the most creative ideas to invest an amount of money.


Crowdfunding is a new way to invest money wisely and safely. 

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Bank deposit

A bank deposit is Perhaps the most popular method to invest a certain amount of money. Where you bring the amount of money to the selected bank, choose the interest rate and conditions, indicate the term, and prolong the deposit at the end of the time. Take the money or capitalize the interest.

Currency operations

Wondering how to start a small business? Currency operation is the popular method to increase your saving is currency operation. You can buy and sells a currency in a nearby bank, trying to catch exchange rate differences.

Stock market

The stock market is the most profitable way of investing. 

Real estate investment

Investment in real estate is one of the most common and popular methods.

Collection of valuable Arts

It is one of the most luxurious investments to increase capital. There are two problems: the first is expensive to buy such things, and the second is exceptionally illiquid investments. It isn’t straightforward to find a buyer for the collection. 

Travel Investment

This is a different and perfect investment approach for the youth. You can travel, communicate, develop language skills, blog, and make money on it. By the way, the blog is also a new-fangled way to invest with a small entry threshold. 

Networking Investments

It is also a new investing method, not one of the stereotypical methods.If you are wondering how to start an online business contact E-Tech.

It is simple: You buy tickets for extraordinary events, lectures, exhibitions, and conferences, get to know the necessary and valuable people, and then try to use the connections for your benefit. 

Innovation and venture capital investment

In today’s world, it appeals to everyone – from venerable oligarchs to private participants in crowdfunding companies. You can invest in developing a technological startup or a different product, but it is expensive, lengthy, and hazardous.

Term Deposit

If you have a long-term aim for your investment and can wait for the outcome, then a term deposit may provide a trusted method to generate prospects for your goal.

Buy an index tracker.

Exchange-traded funds track the performance of a stock market or asset class. ETFs are much cheaper than actively managed funds (where a stock picker selects investments on your behalf). They are a simple, cost-effective way to build a portfolio with little money.

You can put your money in an exchange-traded fund via an investment platform such as AJ Bell Youinvest, Hargreaves Lansdown*, or Interactive Investor.


It is a kind of hybrid of mutual funds, like stocks, security, etc.

It has one of the features of general mutual funds. ETFs allow you to invest your money into several assets. Still, only from a particular area of investment, for example, you can invest only in shares, currencies, stocks, etc. but not in companies or small-scale businesses.

Mutual Funds

In Mutual funds, you merge your money with your friends or other shareholders who want to invest their money but have fewer investments. Then you can buy shares or invest real money in some businesses or companies as you wish.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

It is the best small investment opportunity in UK. Also known as debt crowdfunding, the investor will lend money to people looking to borrow capital to fund something. Then you get back the loan with interest over time. 


How can you decide which small investment is for you?

  • How quickly do you want access to your money
  • What involvement do you want in the process
  • Quickly do you want to grow your money
  • How stable do want the process to be
  • Do you want a fixed return, a variable return, or the risk of no return?

What is the best investment for a beginner?

If you’re starting, you might want to read our beginner’s guide to investing.

The best investment is one that you feel comfortable with considering your:

  • Timeframe
  • Goals
  • Attitude to risk
  • Experience

Looking for the best place to invest a small amount of money right now? Contact E-Tech NOW!

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