Improving Digital Marketing Strategy With The Help Of The Race Model

Improving Digital Marketing Strategy With The Help Of The Race Model

The RACE model is a framework for the strategic planning of digital marketing activities or omnichannel communication plans. The model consists of four stages, each aimed at customers in a different set of the customer lifecycle, to build relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Dave Chaffey developed it from Smart Insights to help marketers integrate digital marketing with more traditional marketing activities.

As a marketer, you have many theoretical models to help you optimize and strengthen your marketing strategies and understanding. However, these models can become overwhelming. So, when you come across a model that provides simple direction, such as the RACE framework, it is certainly not one to overlook.

The RACE model exists to improve your digital marketing activities and results. Also, the model aims to capture and improve customer awareness. All four steps of the RACE model are necessary for accurate results and ROI.

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RACE Model Steps to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The acronym RACE refers to the four stages of a marketing framework,

  • Reach
  • Act
  • Convert
  • Engage

Each stage is an ongoing process, but they all aim to move leads down the pipeline and eventually turn them into your company or brand advocates. Let us properly analyze these steps in detail.

1. Reach

The RACE marketing model’s first formal phase helps promote your brand, product, or organization in areas beyond your grasp but not your influence.

In the Reach stage, you will aim to generate exposure for your brand, product, or services using online and offline media. You can measure the success of your efforts by tracking the traffic generated by your campaigns to your website or social media pages.

The goal of the Reach stage will be to create exposure for your brand, product, or services through both online and offline media. It maximizes reach over time to create multiple interactions through various paid, owned, and earned media touchpoints.

This stage of the RACE model is hugely essential when launching a new website or product, as early exposure will lead to a higher return on investment.

2. Act

Act here is an abbreviation for Interact. You’ll want to start generating leads for your business at this stage. It’s all about offering something of value to prospects to encourage the start of a relationship.

The more leads you capture and the quality of the relationships you start with will determine how high your conversion rate is in the future. So, this step is a crucial one.

Capture the attention of consumers at the critical moments that influence their decisions. When clients visit your website or social media, you should persuade them to take the next step in their purchasing journey.

Act KPIs

  • Leads
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Time on page/ site
  • Shares, comments, and likes

3. Convert

In the third step of the RACE marketing model, you reach goals, such as increasing sales from online and offline potential buyers.

The Convert stage requires you to take your leads and turn them into paying customers. These could be from online transactions or offline channel purchases.

You’re likely chopping and changing your strategy and content at this stage. After all, you can’t get it all right the first time. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t instantly see the conversion rate you were hoping for.

Take a step back, evaluate what is and isn’t working, and then change what you can. It’s as simple as that.

  • Online and offline sales
  • Revenue/ profit
  • Average order value

4. Engage

Convert KPIs

Everything in the Engage stage aims to develop a long-term relationship with your customers. Essentially, you want to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers (or subscribers) who advocate for your brand, products, or services.

You must consider content and incentives that will increase customer loyalty, thereby increasing customer lifetimes and the success of your top-level goals.

However, it’s more than engagement that can influence loyalty. It would help if you considered your customers’ entire experience to create long-lasting relationships with them. Look at our article on measuring and improving customer experience to learn more.

Engage KPIs

  • Repeat purchases
  • Satisfaction and loyalty
  • Advocacy

We have the right skill and experience to carry out the RACE model for your business. Also, we’ll have the right ROI-focused strategies that will save you time and extra costs in the long run.

For optimal results, you may need the services of an integrated marketing company. For this, you can contact us NOW!

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