Backlinks or Content: Which One is Better for Your Website

Looking for the answer to whether you should be focusing on building the backlinks or content of your website or generating the content for your website? In this blog post, you will find out which one is most important and effective for your website.

This is a very important question since almost every business owner and the marketing team is asking it. And the great news is that we have a simple answer to this question.

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If you are at the stage where you have to choose one between creating content and building the backlinks, we will suggest you go with the content.

There are several reasons why you should be focusing on creating content but there are four we are going to discuss.

  • Content is for your website users
  • Content is why people link your website
  • Content defines the topic of any page
  • Content helps with the structure of your website

Content is For Your User

We used to get the backlinks for the purposes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content is something that provides users with an opportunity to engage with your website. It also helps users to drive impression for the ad space on your website, buy the products you are selling, and fill out lead forms.

If there isn’t any content on your website, then there will be nobody to link your website and give you a quality backlink.

Content is Why to Link your Website

The only possible and the important way of getting the quality backlink is to generate content on your website and give other blogs and websites a solid reason to link your website on their page.

By creating informative resources, sharing the data that matters, ways to accomplish a specific task, or by just providing the general information to the readers, you provided them with a reason to link your website.

Content is always at the top of the list that generates the reason for the link and helps makes everything appear natural.

Content Defines the Topic of Any Page

The backlinks do not always define that what the webpage is all about or what type of data the page contains, but the backlinks do give an idea about what could be on the page.

But if we look at the content, it always defines the topic of any web page by using the header tags, title tags, internal links, schema, etc.

Content Helps With the Structure of Your Website

At the fourth position, the reason why generating content is better than the creating backlinks is that content can help you build the structure of your website and architecture through in internal linking on the site.

By building a natural internal linking structure on your website, you are just trying to guide the visitors of your website to resources and purchasing options from useful content link the comparison guides. It always helps both the visitors of the website and the crawlers of the search engines discover that most important pages and topics with the website.


The conclusion of this article is that the content is better than backlinks or contnent for your website.

Although, the quality backlinks are very important and do help you rank your website on the search engines, but the content works across all channels from PPC to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), media coverage, and referral traffic to get visitors on your website.

If I have to choose one between the content and backlinks, I would love to go with the content.

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