Importance Of Competitive Research For SEO And Online Marketing

Importance Of Competitive Research For SEO And Online Marketing

Guide on the Importance Of Competitive Research For SEO And Online Marketing

When it comes to search and SEO, you’re not competing against the algorithm, you’re competing against the value that competitors provide with their content. This value can be defined through content depth, original research, and the target topic.

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The Steps to Conducting Competitive Research

Below are the steps we take when conducting competitive research:

Identify the Topic

Look at search results to better understand the competition and what’s relevant for the keyword topic at hand. Do a simple search and look at the type of content that ranks for that search. This helps you identify topics that allow you to compete for that keyword.

Identify Competitors for That Topic

Once you’ve nailed down the topics your target user is seeking out, find the top competitors for those searches. You can find your top competitors by running a Google search of the keyword topic you want to target and seeing the top-ranking sites. You can also search your product or service category and see who pops up in the results.

Understand Why It’s Ranking

After you’ve identified the topic, the competitors, and the asset type, learn why that content is ranking. What about that content appeals to your target audience? Below are factors that influence content rankings:

  • Topic
  • Length of article
  • Structure of article
  • Asset type
  • Questions being answered

Understand the Type of Content That’s Ranking

Content is not one-size-fits-all for every topic or industry. When doing competitive research, you must understand the type of content that’s ranking and how it’s laid out: video, images, lists, and infographics.

Identify Keyword Diversity

Top-ranking content is a product of a diverse keyword set. Instead of using the same keywords over and over again, valuable content will use diverse keywords that are relevant to a variety of specific searches around your keyword topic.

Identify External Data Points

The content itself isn’t the only driver of rankings and traffic. Look at the external factors that contribute to content value: social shares, inbound links, and the keywords the article is ranking for. 

Creation of Content Utilizing the Data

Below are the steps for the creation of content utilizing the data: 

Defining Article Structure

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to create your content. One of our favorite hacks is to look at all the high-ranking articles for your chosen topic. Within those articles, you’ll find headings and subheadings the authors use to organize information.

Determine which headings provide the most value and help to your user. Pull those headings into one article, then craft your content according to that outline. Structuring your content to match user intent is the ultimate ranking factor.

Monitoring and Revision

The final step in competitive research is the maintenance of your content. Monitor keyword diversity. As trends change, edit and update your targeted keywords. This will keep your content fresh and accessible to users searching for keywords and phrases related to your content.

Competitive research gives you insight into how your products, services, and content stack up against your competitors. Knowing your competition and understanding how to conduct competitive research empowers you to make the most of your online presence and earn the traffic that helps you reach your goals.

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