Top 5 Best Alternatives of Google Keyword Planner

Keywords are the most important and obligatory element especially when you are proving the Search Engine Optimization Services to the clients. This is the key reason that the tech giant Google doesn’t give access to its Keyword Planner tool to anyone with having an active account of Google AdWords.

If you are looking for the best alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, you will discover as many as five new and the most effective alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner.

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But, the good news is that there are several other places where you can get important information about the keywords for SEO purposes.

In this post, we are going to list down five online tools to find new keywords, keywords difficulty, and the search volume which help you provide the best Online Digital Marketing Services to the clients.


Ahrefs is at the top of the list because this online tool has a powerful keyword research capability. The paid version of the Ahrefs provides the different keyword ideas as well as the search volume for almost all types of matches.

This online tools also has a keyword difficulty score metric which is a little bit more accurate than the other tools offered by the different companies with a similar feature.


At number two, we have the SEMrush keyword tool that produces results through its dataset of search data from as many as 26 different countries.

This strong SEO tool shows the results containing the data of keywords ideas, estimated search volume, estimated Cost per Click (CPC), and the current ranking domains.


At number three, we are going to discover several things about another powerful keyword planning tool by Moz. Moz—a company which developed several online tools—launched their own dedicated keyword planning tool as a supplement to their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research suite.

The filtering options of this SEO tool allow the users to exclude the specific query term to get more ideas about the keywords, or even choose only question phrases that contain the keyword.

The keywords search results include the related query alongside estimated search volume as well as the keyword difficulty score. The briefed report of the result also shows the domains currently ranking for the keyword and the recent mentions of the keyword. is at number four in our list. This tool scrapes the keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, YouTube, and even from one of the best e-commerce websites Amazon.

This keyword planning tool allows the users to choose the suggested keywords from every Google TLD, languages, and the location. There are also similar options for the other search engines this tool supports. also allows the users to get the hundreds of suggested keywords for free, but if anyone interested to access the search volume estimations, then there is a paid plan for this.

Keyword Discover

Last but not the least, Keyword Discover is one of the oldest keyword tools which pull search data from the different widest list of the search resources.

Although, this is a paid tool but it also allows the users to conduct a limited amount of the free searches. This SEO tool for the keywords planning is a very handy tool to discover ideas that the user might never find on any other platform.

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