Why is site Speed Important?

Why is site Speed Important?

Step-by-step guide on the importance of site speed. And how does it affects user experience, SEO, search rankings, loyalty, and even sales and conversions? Read below!

Each business nowadays incorporates a website. Whereas design, theme, user navigation, and relevant content are all crucial components of a simple website, one issue many folks tend to overlook is the loading speed.

Web site speed is vital to ecommerce success, and it directly influences your conversion rates, repeat business, and search engine rankings. And with coming changes to Google Search ranking. Web site speed is even a lot important as a competitive edge.

It makes an enormous difference! It affects user experience, search rankings, and even sales and conversions. Let’s take a look at why site speed is essential?

Why is site speed so important?

Below are some of the reasons that show the importance of site speed : 


quick websites are joined to lower bounce rates and better conversions. Many users stay at fast-loading sites, but they also convert at higher rates than slower sites. Various corporations have found that decreasing page load time by several milliseconds will increase conversions. In step with Google, a one-second site speed improvement can increase mobile conversions by 27%. And with 70% of shoppers shopping on mobile, website speed incorporates an immense impact on your revenue potential.

SEO best practices

as a result, Google tends to obtain relevant info to users as quickly as possible. Site performance is a significant thing about Google search rankings. A site’s performance on mobile devices is effective for SEO.


This, in all probability, sounds familiar: “It’s cheaper to urge current customers to form a repeat purchase than it’s to seek out new customers.” web site speed plays an enormous role in this. Experienced found that 79% of shoppers are less probably to repurchase from an internet store if they were “dissatisfied” with the positioning’s speed.

User experience

Long page load times, and poor response times to user actions, produce a terrible user experience. Looking ahead to content to load becomes frustrating for users and should provoke them into going to the site or application altogether.

Google Search ranking 

Ranking higher on search engines like Google helps your business get discovered by more potential customers. Google is the most well-liked search engine, owning 92.47% of the world’s market share. Uses website speed as a ranking issue for search results. Quicker sites can rank higher on Google, which means they’ll be easier for brand new customers to discover.

Therefore what will all this mean for your business? Rising your site speed will assist you to rank higher on Google Search and find discoveries by many potential customers as a result. 


What factors affect site speed?

Below are the factors that affect site speed: 

  • Page weight
  • Hosting location
  • Network conditions

What are the ways to improve your site speed? 

With a quick global network and lightweight image files, online stores engineered on Shopify are already fast by default. However, adding new options to your online store—like videos, made media, live chats, or client reviews, for example—will slow your site speed, lowering your Google Search ranking.

Here are a number of the numerous ways in which to extend your page speed:

  • Modify CSS, Javascript, And Html.
  • Alter Compression.
  • Use A Content Distribution Network. 
  • Scale Back Redirects.
  • Improve Server Response Time.
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Take Away Render-Blocking Javascript.
  • Optimize Images.

Want ton know about the importance of site speed? Or need any help regarding your site’s speed? E-Tech Limited is here to help you. Contact us now!

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