What are Desktop Speeds & Ranking Factors?

What are Desktop Speeds & Ranking Factors?

A step-by-step guide on desktop speeds and SEO ranking factors that help in ranking the website. Read below!

Work on your page speed

Detain mind that your work isn’t done. Your mobile website isn’t too fast; your customers can never return flocking to you. Keep acting on it once you shave off simply a touch of your loading time. Now, tomorrow and next month. 

If possible, attempt to alter your PageSpeed Insights testing. Therefore, you get regular updates. Follow the news to check if there are new ways to hurry up your Site.

Five Ways To Speed Up Your Site

Below are the five ways to speed up your Site: 

  • Switch to PHP7
  • General optimizations
  • Activate AMP on your pages
  • Use HTTP2
  • Critical rendering path

Top SEO Ranking Factors

Below are the highest SEO ranking factors:

Website Security

Back in 2014, Google mentioned site security as a ranking factor, and now, it’s one of the foremost vital Google SEO ranking factors on this list. Website security refers to the employment of HTTPS coding. 

Sites with HTTPS encryption have SSL certificates that make a secure association between a website and its users. It adds a layer of security that protects data changes between users and the Site.


Crawlability permits search engines to scan a website and review its content to determine what the page is regarding and the way it ought to rank.


Mobile-friendliness refers to how a website looks and performs once somebody views it on a mobile device. Mobile-friendly sites give sensible user expertise by employing a responsive style that adjusts the content, so it’s good on each screen size. 

Page Load Speed

Another SEO ranking issue that relates to user experience is page load speed. Slow loading sites provide a dangerous user experience. Search engines recognize that individuals wish to seek answers as quickly as possible, so they like better to show sites that will load quickly for users. 

User Engagement

Search engines look to users to assist them in determining the pages they must promote in search rankings. However, they contemplate; however, users move with results to see which pages are higher and additional helpful to searchers. User engagement factors include:

  • Click-through Rate (CTR): the percentage of individuals who click on a search engine result 
  • Bounce Rate: the proportion of people who quickly leave after viewing just one page on a website 
  • Time on Site: the number of your time somebody spends on a page once finding it via search

High-Quality Content

in our way, to spice up user engagement on your site and appeal to look engines is systematically business high-quality content on your site. Content is one of the foremost vital SEO ranking factors. 

Search engines wish to supply the most effective results possible to offer prime rankings to sites that have well-researched, in-depth, and well-crafted content.

Correct Target Keywords

Don’t go blindly into content creation. Strategically produce content by activity keyword research to inform you what keywords to focus on and topics to cover. Keyword research is the method of characteristic popular keywords that will drive traffic to your website. However, Google ranks keywords to assist you in deciding on the most effective keywords for your content.

  • Target long-tail keywords. 
  • Perceive keyword search intent. 
  • Target terms among your Site’s competitive range. 

Optimized Content

to draw in search engines to your content, you also need to consider on-page SEO factors. On-page SEO is optimizing every individual page on your site for a target keyword. By optimizing your content for one specific keyword, you tell the search engines what the page is regarding and what it should rank for.

Structured knowledge

our way to inform the search engines what an internet page is about (so they rank it accordingly) is thru the employment of structured data. Structured data, or Schema Markup, is microdata additional to the backend of a web page. That tells search engines the way to classify and interpret the content.

Consistent Business Listings

Search engines rank the wholes they believe are the foremost credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. The felt a brand seems online, the additional probably it’s that search engines can increase their search visibility. This can be why consistent business listings are a crucial ranking issue.

Backlink Profile

Backlinks are another signal that tells search engines that an internet site is credible and authoritative. The amount and quality of links that inform your site are off-page SEO factors that strongly impact your search rankings.

Domain Age

the ultimate ranking issue may not be one thing you’ll be able to control. However, it’s value mentioning. Domain age, or however recent your website is, is usually thought of as a ranking factor. 

Whereas Google doesn’t clearly state this with its SEO ranking factors, analysis has found that older domains rank better.

Currently, you just recognized what SEO ranking factors are most important; it’s time to optimize your site.

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