Tips for those experiencing Virtual reality for the first time

Tips for those experiencing Virtual reality for the first time

Tips for Experiencing Virtual Reality

Below are some of the important tips for experiencing virtual reality: 

Start with Simple Experiences and/or Games

I used to throw people straight into roller coasters and such, which is quite an experience (screaming included).

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When getting Nauseous, Close Your Eyes and Stop Immediately

Especially for new players, it is critical to immediately stop when a player gets nauseous or tends to feel nauseous.

Sitting Down while Playing

For beginners, the best start with VR would probably be by starting the first experience by simply sitting down on a chair.

Walking in Experiencing Virtual reality – Start with the “Blink” method

One of the things that make players nauseous, besides lag and frame drops, is the option to continuously move.

Standing Up with a Little Help from a Friend

If the new player wants to start playing experiencing Virtual reality standing up, then make sure that you (initially) stand next to them.

First and foremost: Take care of your Pets!

I love my dog, but it is a good idea to keep your pet(s) away from your Virtual reality play area.

Keep your Distance from Certain Objects

If possible, start by moving some of the fragile (that antique Chinese vase from the Da Ming dynasty, your TV) or dangerous objects (objects that are hard or sharp) far out of the play area.

Make sure you have Plenty of Space to Play in

Make sure you have enough space around you. You will be surprised how much you wander off. Especially when playing wirelessly! It is important that during VR gameplay, you do not hit objects, pets, or people.

Where a Cooling Fan can be helpful

So this is a tip I picked up from Tamriel Wood’s “Hack” YouTube video after I had published this article. Placing a larger cooling fan, aimed at you (the player), may give you a better sense of direction.

Do not wear Shoes

The main reason is that I can now feel much better on what surface I’m standing, on and better determine where I may be standing in the room. Small Rug, or Doormat, under your Feet.

Not a Square Guardian / Chaperone

Another thing to help with orientation is your Guardian. Besides, of course, it’s an obvious indication that you’ve reached the edge of your available space.

I always make sure that the guardian I’m setting up is NOT square, but rather something like the shape below.

Close your Eyes when needed

When getting nauseous, it is very helpful to close your eyes immediately and after that, calmly take off your HMD.

Getting nauseous isn’t fun, so take a break and do not continue playing until you’re ready.

Looking into the Real World

Now a comparable feature may exist for your HMD, or not …

However, the current Oculus Quest firmware allows you to see what is happening around you.

Fog build-up Virtual reality

Some people experience “fog” build-up because of sweating, breathing, and a poorly ventilated HMD.

Take Frequent Breaks

Playing in VR can be exhausting, so to not spoil it too much, I take frequent breaks.

I usually play for about an hour before I take a short break. Depends a little on the game and the person of course, as I have seen people manage to play 5 hours straight. 

Do NOT put your HMD on your hair

Talking about fog build-up…. I’ve seen some users lift their HMD and position it on top of their hair.

Set the proper Pupillary Distance (if your HMD supports it)

This is important as well, and if overlooked can contribute to a poor experience as well. Pupillary Distance (PD) or Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) are the same things (as far as I understand).

Learn how to mount your HMD correctly

The fog build-up brings me to the next thing that will improve your VR experience.

The correct way to mount your headset is a little different per person (shape of your head), and different HMD (different construction of the straps).

How to Determine the IPD of your eyes

Tip: if you wear glasses, the “PD” value may be printed on your prescription.

Sometimes it can be tricky to determine the proper distance.

Go wireless – It’s the best!

Well, without a doubt, this is the BEST option, if you can handle the small imperfections.

Even when using a more complicated setup, it’s still a breeze to get started.

Those pesky wires

When playing wired, and you value your equipment, those wires to your HMD can become a real problem, especially when they are not all that long (3 meters works, but is still a little short).

Need more tips related to virtual reality? Contact us now!

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