The Ultimate List Of The Best 15 Successful Branding Tips

The Ultimate List Of The Best 15 Successful Branding Tips

Starting up a business can be hard work. Establishing a brand is even harder. Read The ultimate list of successful branding tips to help with your business branding efforts. 

List Of 15 Successful Branding Tips 

Below is the ultimate list of successful branding tips – the list that keeps on growing:

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1. Develop a shorter tagline.

While we have already encouraged you to be creative in writing your tagline, now please think about shortening it! Major corporations often incorporate their name into their tagline or follow their brand name with their tagline.

2. Be friendly.

Whenever possible, personalize your marketing messages. A great way to do this is in your emails. Don’t be afraid to talk to your customers like they are your friends. Be warm and friendly; it’s perfectly okay to laugh!

3. Curate content with ease with Scoop It.

If you have a lot of content that you want to create, including newsletters, and email marketing, consider investing in a Content Curation Service like Scoop It, which helps keep you organized and create and build content for your blogs faster and seamlessly.

4. Ask your customers questions.

It’s so important to survey your customers and – may we say – that you must embrace all kinds of feedback, good and bad. You’ll learn much more from the negative feedback anyway, so ask away and be ready for the results.

5. Use Content Gems to find content your customers 

Find the most relevant content on any topic. Choose interests that closely relate to your company and brand so you can discover relevant content to share with your audience.

6. Test drive your slogans.

Do you think you’ve come up with the wittiest, cleverest slogan or tagline? You’re ready to call up your design team and add it to all of your marketing materials.

7. Don’t spend too much time creating a perfect tagline.

Speaking of taglines and slogans, use them once you’ve got something that works. But don’t dwell too much on making it perfect. Chances are, in a few years, your business will grow, expand, and change so that it might be your perfect tagline.

8. Show behind-the-scenes struggles

It’s a temptation to hide away your company until it’s larger than life, but that’s not how it works. Don’t be afraid to document and share the parts of your company that are still a work in progress.

9. Use Instagram to build your brand. One stunning photo at a time.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we believe it! Instagram is a place where you can build your brand, one carefully selected photo at a time. 

10. Don’t try to please everyone.

Define your brand and stick to it. If your brand is a small label, hand-crafted beer, you aren’t going to please the discount beer drinkers who scoff at your high prices. That’s okay. Do what you do best; you’ll find your brand ambassadors.

11. Don’t try to be someone else.

If you are creating something fresh, be fresh. Don’t try to imitate the big box stores or the big names everyone knows. Be who you are.

12. Involve the professionals.

Take care of your company. If you don’t know how to do something, hire a professional. Even if you do know a bit about branding, hire a pro that can do it better. Build the best brand right from the start.

13. Choose the right social media network(s).

Why not if you aren’t getting any traction on your social media posts? One reason might be that you are using the wrong social platform.

14. Connect with your competitors.

Don’t be afraid to share the market; there’s room for all of us! If you own a local hot spot, why not connect with some other local businesses for an event? Think meet, mingle, and work together.

 15. Be your brand all the time.

Branding shouldn’t be turned off and on. Whether creating an external asset or marketing material or running an employee appreciation night, your brand should be evident and there all the time.For more successful branding tips contact us now!

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