Small Business Growth With Messenger Marketing

Small Business Growth With Messenger Marketing

Messenger marketing has become an increasingly popular way for small businesses to reach their customers and grow their business. It is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to implement. Messenger marketing is an essential tool for entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital market.

What Is A Business Text?

Business text messaging is a quick and easy way for a business to create a two-way conversation directly with the customer.

After the customer has chosen to opt-in for business text messaging, the company can begin sending SMS messages to the customer’s mobile device, which can include offers and discounts, surveys and customer feedback, order updates and more.

This two-way communication allows the customer to receive information immediately and act quickly. 

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How do businesses use text messages?

Whether you’re a small business owner, influencer, creator, an in-house marketer or an agency, business text messaging should be used by everyone! There are several ways a business can utilize SMS messaging; here are a few simple use cases:

  • Lead enrichment: Qualified leads are coming through for unicorn lead detection.
  • Customer feedback: Surveys and polls that allow customers to provide feedback on products, services and communications
  • Promotions and offers: Communication quickly with Incentives, promotions and sales
  • Pre-and-post sales communication: Customers can stay up to date with their purchase(s) and get any questions answered to help them make a purchase

How Messenger Marketing helps small businesses to grow

A messenger marketing from Meta helps small businesses respond to a widening digital divide with meaningful connections and outcomes far beyond the sales process. 

Why messaging

With the accelerated use of messaging over communication channels, people are now more likely to choose small businesses that enable connection and conversations.

That’s why Messenger allows people to connect with more than 1.3 billion people on the platforms they prefer—making business more personal and convenient.

Below are the reasons how Messenger Marketing  can help businesses grow:

  • Grow qualified leads
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Educate and nurture in the journey 
  • Drive revenue through promotions
  • Create customer loyalty and repeat business

Top reasons why businesses are turning to SMS in 2022

  • 1:1 relationships
  • The simplicity of messaging (short and sweet)
  • Best-in-class targeting (you’ll get their location/time zone from your SMS platform), and you can ask people what they’re interested in and personalize their buyer journey and the offers you send to them
  • Opt-in channel allows for re-engagement
  • Elite engagement rates

Messenger Marketing – Helping businesses beyond the selling process

Businesses can simply maximize the effect of Meta’s messaging in three areas: working together to develop more leads or sales while increasing client loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer care: Staying on top of messages and solving complex customer questions with powerful automation.

Lead generation: Build experiences that can help businesses attract, connect and convert qualified leads on Messenger.

Advertising: Send people into customized discussions with your business with ad solutions that can help you show where your customers spend time.

Tips on how to deploy successful business text messaging marketing campaigns 

  1. Create a unicorn SMS campaign that is sure to catch your reader’s attention 
  2. Personalize your text message marketing campaigns
  3. Deploy an SMS drip campaign to keep your customers engaged
  4. Leverage SMS marketing as another point for your customers
  5. Time you’re messaging in the customers specific time zone 

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