How to Protect Your Virtual Assistant Business from Scams

How to Protect Your Virtual Assistant Business from Scams

Do now no longer get ripped off with the aid of using scammers who prey on virtual assistants! Here is the way to on how to Protect Your Virtual Assistant Business from Scams! 


Here is the way to on how to Protect Your Virtual Assistant Business from Scams:

  • Trust your intestine! If it sounds too appropriate to be actual, it likely is.
  • Google the man or woman and their enterprise. If you can’tcan’t locate any point out of them, or if a person else is calling if they’re a rip-off, you have to forget about them. Legit online enterprise proprietors seeking out a virtual assistants will commonly have an internet site and possibly a bit presence on social media.
  • Beware of individuals who make demands. If they insist that you invoice them via Quickbooks instead of using your PayPal account, it’sit’s a rip-off. Just drop it and run!
  • Be cautious of individuals who ask you to buy something (equipment, training, etc.) to paint with them. There are scams obtainable in which human beings will ship you cash to buy an object, after which ship you too much. They then ask you to go back the more money. The trouble is that their cash isn’tisn’t appropriate, their test bounces, you currently have financial institution fees, and you simply despatched them your hard-earned cash! 
  • Do they’ve to get an e-mail cope with their area name? If so, they’re in all likelihood reliable. Spammy human beings like to apply e-mail addresses like Gmail. If they are saying they’rethey’re from a good company, however, they have got a Gmail be very cautious.
  • Don’tDon’t permit a potential client to inform you of how to onboard them. If you generally ship an bill to customers earlier than operating with them and the new “client” isn’tisn’t glad about that, it’s a pink flag. If they say they don’tdon’t want a contract, DO NOT do enterprise with them. You are on top of things in ways you put them up as a patron. Spammy human beings don’t like following the rules. Have an onboarding manner and keep on with it.
  • Know who your perfect client is. Getting clear on who your ideal client is is one of the crucial foundational portions you need to have while developing your VA enterprise. Knowing who this man or woman is will assist you in deciding who you need to paint with (or now no longer!). 
  • Spammy human beings are regarded to put on the market a joyous task after which need to interchange it to an extraordinary one. They may also say they’rethey’re seeking out a preferred admin. However, whilst you inquire for more significant info, they tell you the location has been filled. Then they’llthey’ll inform you approximately an unrelated task opp which you’d be extraordinary for.
  • Don’t get so stuck up in getting new customers that you forget about your instincts. Finding a brand new patron, especially your first one, is exciting! Don’tDon’t permit this to cloud your thinking, though. If you spot pink flags or have horrific emotions approximately something, listen!

Most importantly, don’tdon’t permit the spammy human beings out there to discourage you. Just comply with your intestine and do your research. Remember which you have the proper to inform a patron (whether or not they’rethey’re reliable or now no longer) which you don’tdon’t need to work with. It’sIt’s your enterprise and your call. 

If you’re still confused and need any help regarding protection of your Virtual Assistant Business from Scams. Contact us NOW! 

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