How To Hire A Great Link Builder

How To Hire A Great Link Builder

Link builder is the most important technique used in Search Engine Optimization. When used effectively, link building increases a website’s search engine rankings, which means that it will appear higher in the results when people Google your service or industry. Backlinks point your website back from other pages, increasing your website views and, therefore, your ranking.

Link building uses a proven strategy to display your website across various relevant sites, which will increase the traffic on your site and, therefore, positively impact your business results.

Considerations When Hiring a Great Link Builder

Below are the things that you should keep in mind while hiring  Great Link Builder:

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Diversity in Linking

Ensure they do not put all their eggs in one basket when looking for a link-building service.


Customer service and responsiveness are key decision-making points when outsourcing anything, from SEO to programming. Ensure that your link builder provides you with a phone number, email, and possibly even an instant messaging username.

Responsibility in Linking

Manners in web linking are necessary for selecting a linking partner and touch upon diversity and cutting-edge linking.

Connections and Reputation

Where did this link builder come from, and who do they know? Most good SEOs have a history and connections. Look for their profile names on forums, blogs they contribute to, or past employment history via LinkedIn.


Who have they worked with or worked for in the past? Most SEOs sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with their clients, but some list client portfolio’s on their sites.


Link builders can offer all pricing plans, from a price per link to monthly link renting to working on a retainer. Some great link builders offer permanent links for a set price, while others rent link advertisements for a monthly fee.

Links to their Site

One way to judge the work of a link building is by doing backlink checks to their site. If they are good link builders, they should have good backlinks.


Trust your skills when contracting a link builder. If they know the industry more than the algorithms, their linking may be more beneficial and natural than the current ranking.

Link Ownership

Regarding responsibility and pricing, how ethical is this link builder, and who owns the links? Be sure that the link builder understands this and that their webmaster contacts do, also.


If you want ABC number of links per month from any site or any blog from link building or niche sites, let your link builder know so and listen to their reaction.

Excellent communication skills

Both written and oral. If your resume and introductory email are full of errors, all it makes me think is that you will send outreach emails with those same errors.

Cutting Edge Linking

Directory links and reciprocal linking may have worked well, but what is the link builder doing now that addresses both current and future linking and search rankings attributed to linking?

If they are active in the social media market, blogging, bookmarking, and commenting, then the chances are the investment you make in link building will pay off in the future. If you are looking  Great Link Builder contact E-Tech NOW!

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