Guide on Personalized Mobile App Marketing

Guide on Personalized Mobile App Marketing

How does your mobile engagement strategy compare with your industry peers? everything you need to know about personalized mobile app marketing. 

Personalization has become a must-have for every marketing strategy to be successful. With the generation of today that knows what they want, how they want to be interacted with, and what channels they prefer for communication, the tactic has become all the more challenging.

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Ways to implement personalization in apps

Here’s taking a look at some ways to personalize your mobile app for users:

Personalize the onboarding experience

The first and foremost way to personalize a user’s experience in the app is to customize his onboarding. Take a look at the data points of the installer. The source he came from, what he was looking for, what made him download the app, etc. This will help you create a custom journey within the app that reinforces what your app offers and makes the user feel his preferences are being taken into account. 

Implement in-app and push notifications

It is important to maintain consistent communication with your app users. Be it to notify them of a new feature, recommend an in-app purchase or share tips and tricks that will help them use the app better, touching base often helps in maintaining a good engagement rate.

Create an in-app community of users

People are motivated by people and not businesses. Creating a community of your users helps them interact with one another, share their experiences and also find solutions to common glitches together. All without you having to intervene all the time.

Incentive a few activities

The one thing that can really boost the motivation of an app user, are incentives. Tap into your user data to understand how they are interacting with your app, where they are losing interest, and which aspect you need to give them a little more nudge to interact with. 

Get the users involved in app improvements

There is nothing like knowing that a business actually cares about your suggestions and feedback. Using the right messaging and timing, target your users with a campaign in-app and on social media to send across what they want to see on the app.

Reasons behind Personalized Mobile App Marketing 

Let’s list the reasons why apps should ensure that they catch the attention of as many users as possible by opting for personalized mobile app an engagement strategy.

Know Your Users are in the Right Place

Automating messages based on user location allows you to know that message is relevant to the user in the location and time they receive it. This avoids users from receiving notifications that they can’t make use of as they are hundreds of miles away, which only serves a purpose as an annoyance and deterrent for that user to use your app in the future.

Know They Receive It Exactly When They Want to

Intelligent Delivery is really all about personalizing push campaigns using customer data. Using predictive technology and algorithms that work with a user’s historical and real-time app activity, platforms that offer intelligent delivery are a marketing team’s dream, enabling the automated scheduling of messages to push at the time that a particular user is most likely to engage with it.

Know the Message is Relevant to Each User

A single intelligently targeted push notification or in-app message, based on real-time customer intel is always going to provide your audience with way more value than the hit-and-hope approach – one that’s certain to do more harm to your brand than good. 

Bring Disengaged Users Back to Your App

Using data of an existing user you can use external sources and send an SMS or Email message. Contains a link that is personalized to that specific user when clicked. Launches the app and takes the user directly to an offer or piece of content. That you know is relevant to them and they are likely to engage with.

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