Choosing the suitable Biteable Teams template for your next video

Choosing the suitable Biteable Teams template for your next video

Templates play the leading role in video making. Read below the tips for selecting the suitable biteable teams template for your next video. 

Choosing a template for your project

As we already mentioned, biteable teams template are into classes primarily based totally on a topic or theme. Below are a few of them: 


The templates within the training class are excellent in shape. It presents step-by-step commands on particular process tactics or displays how to use products and software to personnel. 


Do you recognize what’s confusing? Benefits packages. Spell matters out on your personnel with an advantages video. Use it to focus on the maximum critical factors and allow humans to recognize any moves. They want to take to get the right of entry to the advantages.

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Sales enablement

The templates within the “sales enablement” category make it clean to percentage income metrics. Announce income meetings, explain your organization’s fee policy, or highlight great performances from character reps.

Onboarding and offboarding

Onboarding is an essential part of worker success. You’ll discover particular template in this class to quickly assist recruits up to pace.

Make new hires experience welcome with a brief video congratulating them on their new function or introducing them to their colleagues.

Recurring replace

One of the first-class matters about Biteable Teams template “ordinary updates” template is how much time they’ll prevent. Because you won’t begin each video from scratch. You can use the identical template(s) once more and tweak the information to suit your cutting-edge needs.


This class consists of template that will help you explain your tradition to new hires, educate digital assembly etiquette, announce organization retreats, etc.

Organizational fundamentals

These templates are best when you need to align your organization and make sure each worker operates closer to the identical goals. 

Health and safety

Here’s the thing: your personnel can’t do their jobs if they’re unwell or severely injured. Also, nobody desires to see their colleagues enjoy fitness and protection issues. When you speak fitness and safety first-class practices through video, those critical messages are much more likely to be watched and remembered.

Recruiting and hiring

The templates on this class make it clean so one can spotlight your organization’s tradition. And the advantages of operating on your organization, all in a layout that receives interest on noisy recruiting platforms.


There are masses of methods to understand your crew. You can send ‘glad birthday’ movies or ‘glad paintings anniversary’ movies. That allows personnel recognizes the organization cares approximately them. You may also use the templates in this class to make movies praising particular employees or complete departments for their contributions.


Every organization makes internal bulletins. Unfortunately, top inner magazines are stupid and uninspiring.

Human resources

The template library is stocked with a few HR video templates that may assist throughout recruitment. Keep employees engaged in their paintings, replace crew participants on critical policies, etc.

Holiday and occasions

Remember, all paintings and no play makes for grumpy personnel. And cranky personnel don’t like images as challenging or as correctly as glad personnel. One of the perfect ways to satisfy your personnel is to rejoice vacations and different occasions with them.


The “policy” templates in Biteable Teams will assist you in making clear the quantity of excursion time employees have. The safety requirements personnel must meet while at the clock, the sort of conduct you count on from faraway workers, and more. 

System and tools

Your company uses multiple gears — gears that new hires can be surprised by. Get them on top of things quickly with a Biteable Teams “structures and gear” template.

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