AliExpress vs Amazon: Who’s Winning the eCommerce Race?

AliExpress vs Amazon: Who's Winning the eCommerce Race?

The ultimate ecommerce battle on AliExpress vs Amazon has caused divided opinions among shoppers and sellers around the world.

This article will analyze each platform’s pros and cons; thus, you’ll decide that one fits your business’ needs.


AliExpress, Alibaba’s sister company, was launched in 2010. it was initially planned as a marketplace that sold-out products from China only. However, it currently recruits sellers worldwide.

Sellers on AliExpress

  • AliExpress is the middleman between sellers and shoppers. And whereas the bulk of merchants and makers are primarily based in China. It currently allows sellers from alternative countries to advertise their products on the platform.
  • In short, their model focuses on commercial products to shoppers in numerous countries. Directly from the importer’s warehouse.
  • Thanks to its role as a mediator or middleman. The platform isn’t liable for any problems regarding client service, and sellers got to alter everything themselves.


  • Amazon was supported in 1994 by the Yankee ecommerce pioneer Jeff Bezos. It started as an internet bookstore. However, it has quickly swollen to alternative markets that include different products. 

Sellers on Amazon

  • In contrast to AliExpress, Amazon has its suppliers, exclusive goods, warehouses. And associate degree fulfilment programs (FBA and FBM). 
  • Amazon vendor Central is an invite-only program wherever brands offer their inventory to Amazon, which successively advertises and sells it. 

AliExpress vs Amazon: Similarities

  • AliExpress and Amazon aren’t solely platforms wherever customers will realize all styles of products. 
  • They conjointly provide free apps for iOS or golem on their desktops. This makes it easier for users. 
  • Another factor they need in common is that they provide desktop versions and free mobile apps for iOS and Android. This makes it a lot of access for users. 
  • AliExpress and Amazon offer customers a large variety of products. They also aim to form the shopping experience as simple as possible.
  • Each is counteracting unethical commercialism and shopping practices, but Amazon invests more energy.
  • Each combat unethical searching and commercialism practices. Amazon, however, invests a lot of energy in this.

AliExpress vs Amazon: Differences 

Amazon Pros 

  • Amazon’s delivery times are a vast plus. Amazon will deliver your order in as minimal as twenty-four hours.
  • Amazon costs are usually less than those in brick-and-mortar shops.
  • The corporate invests in its hardware and software system to form quite a mere marketplace.
  • Amazon’s client service may be a nice feature. It  provides customer service for FBA and merchant customers.
  • Amazon Prime, the subscription service for users, offers special costs and sales to draw in many customers.

Amazon Cons

  • It includes a tendency to charge sellers more for their services.
  • It  has numerous products and classes that it can feel overwhelming for users. However, this could make it troublesome for sellers to seek out their products.
  • Amazon sells its brands and acts as a contender in bound categories.

AliExpress Pros 

  • AliExpress provides Alipay to uncountable users.
  • AE guarantees the authentic product and a name labelling system to assure the product’s quality.
  • AliExpress offers low prices on all kinds of products.
  • Every country has its website that helps shoppers overcome language barriers.

AliExpress Cons

  • AliExpress provides Alipay to uncountable users.
  • Lower client service quality
  • AliExpress’s most significant disadvantage is its slow shipping times. 

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